For my first computer I was begging my parents at the age of 8. After long arguments, to be too young for an own computer, I could convince them to support my interest for electronics and computers.  

As my dad is also a programmer, he guided me intensively from beginning and encouraged to develop something by my own.

My first programming experience was done on the Arduino.

Followed by BOT programming for Discord which kept for long-term my attention. After initial attempts with DBS (Discord Bot Studio), I realized quickly that this software was not giving enough freedom for my ideas. My creativity was limited, so I started to learn JavaScript. My father as well as my mentor, introduced me to different concepts of programming and supported my self-studying.

JavaScript has remained to my favorite programming language to this day.

And I am more passionate about game programming.

My social strength also includes “recognizing” like-minded people on the net, becoming best buddies and exchanging ideas with them. Being passioned about common subjects, we also did team up and developed projects together. Our projects are running for almost three years since then, online till today, which are:

Mods and plugins for Minecraft, “Chaos Challenge” and “Just enough TNT”, just to name a few, written in Java.

Games which are developed by me: “Truth or Dare” for Android developed in Java and “Fartings Cats” developed in Unity and C#.

I am proud about my own real server on Unraid which is running on my old hardware. Based on that Ubuntu VM is running where Pterodactyl is installed. This way I can host my projects myself. As result of that, I adopted some skills in Linux as well.

Furthermore, I can claim Raspberry Pi to my own too.

Currently, I am working on an intelligent lawnmower robot on a cannibalized chassis. It doesn’t have any sensors yet but can be controlled remotely by my program.

I feel comfortable with my 17 years and am proud of the skills I have achieved. My passion has been found, and I know what direction I want to go further.

Thomas-Jason Ruhl